Humanity under siege


If there is a thousand corona scam proof

This, is the one
corona virus manufacture proof!

This video needs to be shown to every government office at all levels

It also needs to be shown to every one of their knights be it whatever title or rank they'd been given by our criminals who pretend to mean good and safety to us THEY ALL ARE THE TERRORIST!

Want to view documents which support the claim? Get in touch or wait until you'll be summoned.

International Corona Scam Lawsuits!

The Masterminds of human mass genocide will go down!

And so will each and every one who acepted government bribes to coverup and assist in genocide activities!

Lawyers with just a little guts and integrity - join the efforts, You'll be the hero of your own and all other children!

Hitler did Not Win neither!

I believe in History Repeat!

Once there was Bill, now there's KILL. Once there was Melinda, now there's Verschwinda

What, does this M F now pretend to be able to read the future too, or does he simply know it, because
this m-f C designs the future! ?

Watch the following videos in order as they appear!

Nano Bio-Weapons

After all this, you still can't see the truth?

Goodness me. How much do you need? Perhaps experience it yourself or worse, one of your loved ones!

People Unite!
Power to the People!

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Strengthen the SHIELD
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The Corona Virus fraud is in the open!

Since 21 April 2021, the CDC confirmed wrong numbers and admitted, over 94% of all Corona Death were NOT Corona death!!
It is time to start NUREMBERG 2.0 to trial our NWO Nazis who can all await the death penalty (under the Nuremberg Code from 1947!

World wide renown DR speaks out!

Why the anti-faxers are wrong. Or, are they, really?

A New Nuremberg Process against:
World Leaders, the WHO, CDC and World Economic Forum

Everybody who doesn't watch this may self-incriminate themselves over crimes committed on humanity. Hence, watch carefully!
Crimes will come to end, criminals executed!

Still want to go for your jab after watching this?

Never mind then,
perhaps it's better you go for the jab!

German Attorney Dr. Rainer Fuellmich

Every country needs to take these steps to stop the criminals, continuesly comitting crimes on humanity, crimes which are punishable by the penalty of death!

COVID Shots Explained

Once again, the legendary world wide renown Dr. Cherrie Tenpeny hands down a detailed explanation!

Are you still following your government and run after their faccine? Then you are a 101% lost case!.

Attorneys, Lawyers, Lawenfocement ...

It's your time now, or you'll be history, too!

Your Government needs you - to go for PCR testing!

Without you, they can't push their agenda!

Listen but, carefully, what the PCR test inventor Dr Kary Mullis says!

Explicitly about Anthony Fauci

Dr. Lee Merrit MD

You won't believe this Dr's acheivement and recognition
Wait, she too, is a Conspiracy Therists
Heck whatever, we all are we who speak the truth!

Free the Truth!
Free Humanity!

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