Unprecedented, Planned And Forced Crime on Humanity

exposed in detailed detail!

COVID-19 Dream
GMO Human-like controllable Beasts

The End Of Your Right to live as a Human!
It's no longer a field of discussion but now a question of: How Soon.

The Truth Is Extremely Shocking

Where Hitler's dream of a cleansed, blue-eyed Third Reich ended, the new Deep-State Elite picked up the NAZI crumbs and brainstormed a New World Order. Well formulated and planned, the down-dumbing began to get the masses to the point where it would push itself off the table and into the waste basket. And their target year is: 2020.

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COVID-19 Tool
The Scam-Pandemic

The Earthlings Syndrome
Q: How do you get the entire earth's population to jump in front of a fast apporaching train?
A: Manufacture a Pandemic to create fear and allow for easy control!

Time Table for Scam-Pandemic
  • Roll out patented COVID-19
  • Fabricate COVID Cases
  • Lock-Down Destroy Livelyhoods
  • Enforce Human Fuccine Testing
  • Conclude Stage 1,
    Slow Kill Bill
  • Enforce Stage 2; Fast Kill Bill Check Mate!

The basic plan is to drastically reduce Population (since humans will be useless and helpless compared to the newly created, genetically modified super human, owned by your new god; Bill Gates

Conecting the Plandemic Dots

Just follow the money and you'll be surpised what you find out. Shocking Plandemic Insigths esposed by the most competent, former financial secretary

Find 100s of Catherine Austin Fitts's videos here

Did The Great Recess already start with Rockefeller's Big Pharma Obsession?

What really is AI and, who could better expalain it than

Jay Tuck, former US defense expert and executive news director of the daily german ARD Television network program the "Tagesthemen". DARPA, pops up again!

Dec.20, 2020

Shocking first vaccination results surfacing!

Government and Bill Gates agenda becoming clearer now by the hour.

Major Blow to the vaccine drug lords. Yet another group of High Profile experts blow the whistle! Among them the lung specialist and former head of the public health department; Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, A MUST READ

Join the New World Order Resistance

Don't allow a tech criminal and his crime ring members change your DNA. Your body is autonomous. Only You can decide over your body. No other person, government or law or whatsoever has the right to ever claim you as their property not under Any Circumstances!

It's your obligation to stand up for and demand your rights. Join the NWO Resistance today and; Stay Human & Healthy.

Detailed extract of formal petition calling for an immedient halt of the avccination frenzy pushed by governments,

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